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Shuttlecock animated imageWaltham Forest's informal and friendly club - we play badminton for fun at the Walthamstow Sports Centre, Walthamstow (formerly Kelmscott).

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bullet21 March 2020:  Due to the Coronavirus emergency the Centre will be closed until further notice.
bulletMembers are asked to check their payment status via this page, and ensure they are not in arrears.
bulletIt is recommended that all members suspend their regular payments.
bulletMembership enquiries will continue to be dealt with as normal.
bulletWaiting List!  Now that we have six courts we're hoping that the waiting list will be short and quick; however, it's probably always going to be necessary to 'manage' the arrival of new members.  So, if you are interested in considering membership, contact us first (preferably by email) so we can add your name to the list.  As soon as there is a free space we'll be in touch to invite you to play as our guest for a couple of sessions while you consider joining. If you do have to wait a while, note that there are other good badminton clubs in the area - have a look here.  Playing with another club wouldn't affect your status on our waiting list.
bulletFormer Members  We've made it easier for former members to keep in touch. More...

Term Dates:

From now on our weekly sessions will run all year round - with maybe the odd missed week over Christmas.