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  • Walthamstow Whackers (originally Willowfield Whackers, after the school where we used to play) was formed in April 1991 to take over from a local authority beginners' class.  We moved to Walthamstow Leisure Centre (formerly Kelmscott) in January 2004.
  • These days we embrace a wide range of abilities, ranging from rusty and creaky to nimble and quick.  Membership varies between 10 and 30 active players at any given time.  We're not-for-profit, and occasional surpluses are returned to the membership as subscription credits.
  • We play mostly mixed (sometimes very mixed) doubles.  We're not in any league, and while there is plenty of competitiveness on court, no-one takes things too seriously.  This is a club for people for whom the fun of a social occasion is as important as the badminton itself.  Having said that, very few people are just too good to enjoy a game with us, just as very few people are just too bad.  If you've ever played badminton before you'll be good enough (or you soon will be after a week or two).
  • Ages vary widely - if you don't think you're too old to play then we won't either.  We welcome young people from around 14 provided they don't thrash everyone on the first night.
  • You don't need "whites", just a safe pair of trainers.  Racquets can be hired inexpensively at reception.